Trees have held a spiritual meaning for us since the beginning of time, from The Garden of Eden, to The Olive Branch of Peace. The ancient symbol of the Tree has been found to represent physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, union and fertility. Possessing an intriguing mystical beauty and element in their selfless life sustaining beauty, in many ways they can be seen as metaphor for human connections and relationships. With branches that provide shade, shelter and sustenance and symbolize life, hope and growth, and roots that anchor- grounding in the winds of time; they are ancient and selfless in their very existence. The Tree of Life Series celebrates the beauty in our connection to these gentle giants, from the entwining branches of the age-old Banyan to the towering Cyprus tree, they embody a spectrum of human personifications. 





    There is a captivating beauty in the dance of curved and straight lines as they play across a surface in an infinite configuration. The Movement and Motion Series is inspired by the decorative elements found within architecture, paying homage to the Artisans who not only used it for ornamental purposes in borders of books, and objects, but in Architecture. The palette, composition, and subjectivity all mirror the commitment to craftsmanship, use of ornate jewels and complicated inlay work. Along with highly stylized motifs, the Calligraphies are also inspired by the intricate entwining curved and straight lines. This form of Calligraphy is unique and is the only form of script to have achieved a level of a complete art form in its own. 





    The Architectural Series draws inspiration from the opulence and magnificence of a bygone era. It celebrates the unique craftsmanship and ornate elements of inlay work, and intricate filigree of the grand abodes that were home to the great Dynasties of the past. From the unique beauty of stylized infinite patterns, and honeycomb ceilings, to the sunbathed mosaic encrusted corridors and courtyards, it is a vision and beauty unparalleled. The series references the symbolic beauty of the life sustaining fountains and reflective pools, an ambiance thick with jasmine and orange blossoms and towering palm trees.





    The Moon has from the beginning of time been woven into the fabric of Human society. The Moon Series is inspired by the connection shared between this ethereal heavenly body and humanity. Though it may not burn as brightly as the Sun, the moon has been a source of influence, reverence and awe for Poets, Artists and Musicians since the beginning of time. From Beethoven’s Moon Light Sonata to Shakespeare’s Mid-Summer Nights Dream its soft mystical beauty has captivated us. As the waxing and waning of its sphere controls the tide, inspiring endless cultural customs, we move under its pearly glow, anonymously, yet all connected. Lovers meet promises are whispered, hearts are broken, tears are shed.





    The Paper Collage gallery features the artists continuous explorations into three dimensional structures and layering. While Maria is known for her works with Oils and Mix Media, in this series the works feature a technique of an art production where the artwork is created using an assemblage of different forms and shapes using paper, it is a methodology that directly references the architectural inspirations and influences prevalent in many of her oil and mixed media works. This body of work has allowed her to explore the mosaics found in the decorative elements in Architecture. From a  jigsaw of torn papers and forms, her works come together with an intricate mosaic like quality. It is a journey through a prism of color as you walk through courtyards and passages where mysteries lie hidden in the shadows.